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2-create your profile and bio
3-record your course
5-put the price tag
After your course gets sold the money will be available in your profile to view and to withdraw to your preferred bank account
Each Orion-Edu course is created, owned and managed by the instructor(s). The foundation of each Orion-Edu course are its lectures, which can include videos, slides, and text. In addition, instructors can add resources and various types of practice activities, as a way to enhance the learning experience of students.
Orion-Edu courses are entirely on-demand. You can begin the course whenever you like. You can begin the course by logging in and navigating to your My Courses page.
there are no deadlines to begin or complete the course. Even after you complete the course you will continue to have access to it, provided that your account’s in good standing, and Orion-Edu continues to have a license to the course.
As of 8/1/2020 Orion-Edu is not an accredited institution and we do not offer and certificates.
You are free to choose the topic you wish to teach on Orion-Edu. Please refer to our restricted topic list via this link, for details on the topics that we do not accept.
There is no fee to be an instructor on Orion-Edu. Instructors are paid according to a revenue share model, (When a student purchases your course, we calculate the gross amount of the sale as the amount actually received by Orion-Edu from the student ("Gross Amount"). From this, we subtract any Transaction Taxes, any mobile platform fees applied to mobile application sales, to calculate the net amount of the sale ("Net Amount"). When an instructor register into Orion-Edu website, the instructor will be given a code that can be shared with students, which the student will enter when purchasing the course. When added the website recognizes the code and the instructor will be given 90% of the Net amount (“Net Amount”). your revenue share will be 50% of the Net Amount if the student didn’t provide a code or. If we change this payment rate, we will provide you 30 days notice using prominent means, such as via email or by posting a notice through our Services. Orion-Edu makes all instructor payments in U.S. dollars (USD) regardless of the currency with which the sale was made. We will assume transaction processing fees, excluding foreign currency conversion fees and wiring fees. Your revenue report will show the sales price (in local currency) and your converted revenue amount (in USD).
No approval is needed to get started. Before your course is published on our platform it will need to meet our course minimum requirements.
A standard Orion-Edu course is video-based. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules. Additional teaching tools (like assignments, quizzes, and coding exercises, etc.) can be added to create a rich learning experience for students.
Yes. Courses must have at least 30 minutes of video content and at least 5 lectures or learning modules. In order to ensure that students have great learning experiences, we also have a Quality Review Process that every course goes through.
Since we function primarily as an on-demand, video-based platform, you’ll need to upload your video files directly to Orion-Edu. In other words, students must be able to view your course lectures on the Orion-Edu platform.
No. Our marketplace model means that when you publish a course on our platform, you retain all the rights to your content.  You simply grant us a license to host the course and make it available to our users, and to advertise your course on our platform and on third party services.
You can teach a course in any language of your choosing.

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