Becoming an instructor in orion-edu is pretty simple and easy, all you have to do is register and start creating your courses. Terms and conditions apply

How To Become A Teacher

Earn money!! Every time a student purchases your course you will receive your share to your preferred bank account Share the knowledge and help people learn what you are offering and help them with their careers, educational journey and life
Instructor rules are designed to offer the best experience to the instructor and they consist of the following:

1- Instructor are fully responsible for the content they choose to view in their courses and they should about any restricted topics you can view them via the link
2- Each video that is uploaded to the website should be of the work of the instructor him/herself and not anyone else, or he/she will be held responsible for intellectual property theft
3- course should have the following in order to be accepted into the platform:

a- At least 30 minutes of video At least 5 separate lectures Valuable educational content
b- At least 720p video quality
d- Audio that comes out of both channels and is synced to video
e- Audio quality that is not distracting to students*
f- A well-written course title and subtitle that includes relevant
g- A brief, honest, well-written course description

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