Our Story

“Orion-Edu, Where your star can shine”

Moamen Ali, Founder


Orion-Edu is an online on-demand video platform dedicated to allow teachers to create and sell courses to students from across the world with the easiest ways possible.

We believe that in order for people to evolve, grow and develop themselves they need to be constantly learning, therefore, Orion-Edu is offering people the ability to sell pre-recorded courses about any topic they want, and anyone to be able to purchase it and study it on their own pace, from their devices and with prices that suits everybody's needs


Teachers now can easily sell courses about topics of their choice to an unlimited number of students with absolute ease and fully online.

Students now can say goodbye to fixed private classes schedules, with Orion-Edu students have the ability to study any subject, topic and field they want, fully online and in their own pace, with a wide variety of instructors from across the world.
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